Cozy Couples' Netflix Nights: Perfect Shows & Sweet Treats

Cozy Couples' Netflix Nights: Perfect Shows & Sweet Treats

Grab a blanket and your better half, because we've curated the ultimate Netflix watchlist for couples, complete with the ideal candy pairings from our online store. Each show is selected for its couple-friendly themes, ensuring both of you will enjoy the binge-watch. And what's a cozy night without some sweet treats? Let's dive in!


1. "Gilmore Girls" and Chocolate-Covered Almonds: This beloved series is perfect for fans of warm, engaging stories. Revel in the adventures of Stars Hollow's delightful mother-daughter duo, and enhance the experience with our gourmet chocolate-covered almonds, a sumptuous snack as captivating as the show.


2. "Chef's Table" and Jelly Beans For the foodie couples, "Chef's Table" provides an exquisite culinary journey. Its focus on storytelling and gastronomic innovation is inspiring. Complement this experience with our gourmet jelly beans, a playful and colorful treat for your tastebuds.


3. "Grace and Frankie" and Luxurious Licorice Allsorts This show, highlighting an unlikely friendship and the beauty of starting anew, resonates with couples who appreciate life's second chances. Enjoy it with our licorice allsorts, a candy that's both sophisticated and amusing, mirroring the show’s essence.


4. "Black Mirror" and Espresso Chocolate Beans For couples drawn to intellectually stimulating shows, "Black Mirror" presents a series of thought-provoking narratives. The show's intricate and often intense plots pair well with the rich intensity of our espresso chocolate beans, providing a stimulating treat for a mind-engaging series.


5. "Outlander" and Honey Lavender Salt Water Taffy Immerse yourselves in the romance and adventure of "Outlander." This captivating mix of historical drama and love story is truly enchanting. Enhance the experience with our Honey Lavender Salt Water Taffy, a delightful twist that pays homage to the show's setting while offering a unique and sensory treat.


Our selection of Netflix shows for couples offers a range of genres, ensuring there's something for every pair. Enhance your viewing with our thoughtfully paired candies, making your Netflix nights both sweet and memorable. ❤️

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