About us

Snack Attack was established in 2010 in Colfax, California, and began as a recreational endeavor. However, it rapidly gained popularity and became one of the most sought-after and top-selling candy stores on the online marketplaces of eBay and Amazon.

Why another shop when you have eBay and Amazon?

We're eager to pass on the savings to YOU, our valued customers! Although eBay and Amazon are major platforms for selling candy, they charge a high percentage that can significantly impact your costs. On those sites, our 2-pound jelly bean bag typically retails for $19.99, but here, we're offering it for a lower price of just $16.99.

Where is my free shipping?

Let's be candid, there's no such thing as a truly free shipping offer. Whenever you come across a product with advertised "free shipping", keep in mind that the shipping cost is still factored into the product's price. This is just a marketing tactic to entice customers to make a purchase. As for the much-touted 2-day free shipping offered by Amazon Prime, don't forget the subscription fee you're paying. 

We also believe in transparency when it comes to shipping costs. That's why we only charge our customers the exact shipping cost that we are charged by the shipping service provider. We do not add any extra charges or fees for handling or processing. This ensures that our customers get the most affordable shipping rates possible.

Please visit our Shipping Policy for more information.

But still, why another shop?

More benefits beyond lower-priced snacks? Stay informed about our latest offerings! We're currently expanding our selection of chocolate and sugar-free options, allowing people with special dietary needs to indulge in sweet treats once again. In the future, we plan to offer an even wider variety of snacks from all corners of the globe. From Mexican Chamoy Chilitos to Korean LOTTE Pepero sticks, and Chinese White Rabbit candy, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all your snacking needs.

OK, is there more?

Fine, one more.

We have recently introduced subscription models for our products that can help you save even more money! By subscribing to our services, you can have your favorite snacks delivered to your doorstep regularly. Isn't that exciting?